Super Bowl Sunday

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Super Bowl Sunday

What a wild day! It was, without doubt, the best Super Bowl Sunday I have ever had. Shit, it might just be one of the best days of my life. I know; you want details. So, here we go.

Kelly and I woke up white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie late the morning of the first. We?d stayed out late the night before. It was Kelly?s /friend/best-friend/">best friend?s twenty-third birthday so naturally we hit several clubs. We didn?t get home until sometime after 4 AM. We weren?t really tired, but we knew we were supposed to be over at Ken & Brenda?s well before the game so we hit the sack early.

Kelly fixed a light lunch and then we began getting ourselves ready for the Super Bowl party. Ken had given us a heads up that he?d told Brenda everything about my Sugar Bowl party. He said she was thrilled at the idea of a Super Bowl orgy. So with that in mind Kelly insisted that I shave her mons pubis. Who was I to disagree? Of course, this got her very wet.

I had finished the actual shave and was rubbing in some lotion when Kelly just about attacked me.
?Holy shit Mike you made me so hot. I?ve got to have you now.? She was breathless and I saw quite a bit of moisture drip from her pussy lips.
?You?re all worked up because of the party.? I teased her and brushed the back of my right hand lightly across her dripping pussy. She tossed her head back and nearly howled.

?Eat me Mike. I need to cum so badly. Won?t you eat me baby?? Her voice had gone all soft and quiet and there was no way I could resist, even if I had wanted to.

I lifted her onto the edge of the bathroom counter and then went to my knees between her thighs. I kissed and licked her thighs, working my way toward her steaming sex.

?You are so wet Kelly. Your pussy must be on fire.? I looked into her eyes and caressed her legs. Her eyes were very deep and sincere as she mouthed the word ?please.?

I smiled and kissed her clit. She whimpered and then took in a deep breath as I dug my tongue deeply into her and licked long and hard from her taint to her clit. She started to come.
?Don?t stop! Keep going! It?s going to be big baby!? She screamed as she thrust herself hard onto my tongue.
I tongue-fucked her and rubbed her clit with my right thumb. Her body was shaking and I was afraid she might fall off the counter. I stood up, picked her up and carried her the few feet to our bed. I set her down and dived for her sweet nectar again.

I was licking her hard and fast. I got my tongue as deep into her hole on each pass as I could. My thumb was working over-time on her clit and she was moaning loudly. Her legs came together and held my head in place so I just kept licking her and strumming her clit.
Her body was quaking now and she was screaming ?Oh shit!? over and over. I worked two fingers into her glistening pussy getting them wet with her juices. Then I pulled them out and slowly pushed into her pussy with one and her ass with the other.

?Oh yes! Oh my fucking God yes!? She screamed at the top of her lungs and then she stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv flooded my face and mouth with her thick girl cream. I licked it all up and kept licking her and cleaning her off.

Her body went limp and her breathing was short and raspy. She was cooing and caressing my head as I continued to kiss and lick all around her hot box.
?Baby I think maybe we should shower again. You alright with that?? I had stood up and was smiling down at her as she got her breathing back to normal. In response she could only giggle.
I called Ken to let him know we?d be a little late.

When Kelly and I arrived, everyone was already there and enjoying some beers. Brenda led us to the den and quickly got us a couple of beers from the cooler.
It?d been a while since I?d last seen Brenda. I?d nearly forgotten how nice looking she is. Her skin is a deep, rich brown and her eyes are a brown so dark they?re almost black. She sat down next to Ken on their big sofa. Ken has been a pale white ever since I met him our senior year in high school. With them sitting side by side the contrast was almost comical.

Brenda was wearing a clingy, white mesh blouse, sans bra, and her tits looked good enough to eat. The tight, white Capri pants she had on really accentuated her legs and ass too.

Nearly everyone else had chosen some combination of jeans and t-shirts or Polo shirts. Sean?s girlfriend Lisa, however, was wearing some sexy black silk pants and a matching top. The combination of the black silk and her Asian looks was breathtaking. This was the /first-time/">first time I?d ever seen her and now I could understand why Sean thought this might be the girl for him. If they stuck around for the fun tonight it might change their whole lives. Sean has said that Lisa can be a bit of a prude sometimes.

We had some good conversation to go with our beers. All the ladies seemed well-matched with their men. All of us guys had been friends for ages so it was semi-important that our girlfriends/wives blend well with our group.
Brenda kept everyone from being thirsty or hungry and still managed be in on every bit of conversation going on. She?s an excellent hostess and I was prepared to show her my gratitude at any time.

James and his wife Terri were snuggled together in an over-sized chair and didn?t seem to be paying much attention to the game, but still added to the conversation from time to time. Terri looked good in her tight black jeans and purple top. Her tits are D-cups and they were pushing that fabric to the limit. It was tight enough that you could make out the lines of the lace demi-cup that she had on underneath.

At some point in the second quarter Brenda somehow managed to steer the conversation toward sex. Everyone, including Lisa, joined in on the sex-talk. We talked about just about everything including some of our sexual fantasies. Lisa was really opening up like a flower for sunlight.
It was just before half-time and the beer was finally getting to me. I excused myself and headed for the front bathroom. I had finished and was washing my hands when the bathroom door opened and Kelly came in. She closed the door quickly behind her.

?Hey there.? I dried off my hands and winked at her.

She didn?t answer. She just moved toward me slowly and then pushed me into a wall. I watched as she dropped to her knees in front of me. Her tiny hands came up to the front of my pants. She quickly undid the button and lowered the zipper. By now my cock was stiffening quite a bit and she wasted no time in pulling it out of my boxers.

?All that sex talk in there reminded me that you didn?t get yours earlier today.? She winked at me and then kissed the tip of my dick.
?I was focused on you.? I took a deep breath as she licked my piss-slit.

?And now I?m focused on you.? With that she took me deep into her throat and worked me with her muscles. My knees felt a bit wobbly so I reached out and took hold of a towel rack and the bathroom counter to steady myself.

I watched her pretty blonde head bob up and down on my meat stick. She had my dick covered in saliva and she was making it one of her wet and loud blow-jobs. But then she took me all the way in and held me there. I felt her throat and neck muscles working my shaft and then she started that humming.
?Oh sweet Jesus.? It was all I could say. Funny, I?ve never really been a religious man.

She answered with a muffled laugh, but didn?t let up even when someone knocked on the door. Before I could answer, it opened and Brenda stuck her head in. Kelly made no move to stop what she was doing. Brenda stepped in and quickly closed the door behind her.

?Oh my. Mike, did we get a little impatient.? Brenda chuckled.

I just smiled and shook my head. Kelly didn?t stop at all and in fact began bobbing her head up and down my shaft again.
?Ken mentioned that she could really suck cock. I see he was right.? She leaned against the counter to watch the show.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the wall. This was certainly going to be some party once it got into full swing. I guessed ?swing? was going to be the operative word for the evening.