Megan and joshs first time

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Megan and joshs first time

My name is megan and I throw a football /party/">party every year.Im a 54 /blonde/">blonde with really tan skin. A 32D breast size and really leggy.

The party had way more people than I remember inviting and thats the way I like it.Im a real /party/party-girl/">party girl so me and another girl were doing some tequilla body shots. Josh came up to me and put a shot glass in between my breasts nervously."Honey just put it in there" I said quietly,slightly drunk by now.He put it in there and did the shot and I started to get hot looking at josh.Hes a football player and has some hot brown eyes. I put one of my arms around his neck and licked his tounge with my own."Why dont we go upstairs?" he asked and I said "Of course sexy."

He ran up the stairs and got to the room. I followed and closed the door."Okay why dont we-" I put my tounge down joshs throat and he gagged.I stripped off my white T-shirt and let josh unhook my bra."Okay now Im gonna-" I covered his mouth and he started twisting my nipples.Oh the extacy I felt! Josh pulled up the skirt I was wearing and pulled the /thong/red-thong/">red thong I was wearing down to my ankles. He kissed my pussy lips and I felt a tingle. He licked my clit and I moaned. After I cummed he started to suck my pussy like a vacum for about 5 minutes.I pushed him off onto the bed and whispered,"Now its your turn."

I pulled down his boxers and saw his 8 bulge. I sucked the head and stroked his balls. I eventually got tired of that and tried to deep throat the whole thing and gagged. He put his hands on my head and pushed me closer to the base.

Before I knew it I had my first penis in my mouth and I knew I wanted to taste my first throatfull of spunk. I took the dick out of my mouth for a moment and said "/mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my sexxxx video ful hd mouth" "Okay" was his response and I started to lick the head of his penis again like a cat lapping milk.

"Oooh im gonna cummm" he moaned and he spunked all over my mouth.I gagged and swallowed load after load before getting dressed and going back to the party.