My Punishment Spank

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My Punishment Spank

One day it was a lustful school day that I had never forgotten. I was 18-year-old in high school wearing a tight white t-shirt without no bra on that show every print of my breasts. My big /breasts/huge-breasts/">huge breasts are bouncing up and down through my shirt and along with my nipples sticky straight out against my shirt. And I also was wearing a short min skirt revealing my warm as honey end of my tails underneath with a thin blue /thong/">thong on.

As I was in girl's gem alone lying down on my stomach on the bench and having my tail curl up to exploring my finger between my cheeks. I was so busy holding my eyes close to enjoying my finger drawing from the back of my hot juicy bliss pussy that I don't even notice the my course had march here. When he has sees me exploring myself because his eyes went barmy after seeing my finger in my black thong.

That his angry of voice just wakes me out of my sex famine trance that I will never forgot it. "Tabitha! Get your finger out of your back of ass at once. That's nasty young lady."

And then, he picks me up by angry force and shakes me and says, "And now, I will give a spank that you will never have before." He throws me so strong on the across muscle lap with my tail reach up to his face. His strong hand clamps down on my bottom so hard that cheeks turn raised red. "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" throw my hurt voice.

He hit me from side of the hand went across my tail fold, and while he was continuing to spank me. That I feel his middle finger almost touches into my wet hot gap. The sound coming from my mouth turn from Ugh went to like this, "Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!

Until, he sees my full glance rear-end pink glint clit that gleam at him. And I feel his spanks grow soft to my butt. As he keeps glance away at my hole that he begins to yearning for it. He spreads my cheek open to examining my rear- end of tail. And he sees my huge shining split that his eyes went spell-bound when my pussy went throbbing. He spreads out my clit to gander deep into my crave hole, and he draws his face closer to mines, "Ah shit! God Damn girl!" he said. Next, he removes my thong that contracts my pant off of me and then my tail feels incompletely free right then.

And then, he starts to stir his finger around my juicy lip almost in and his other hands to spread my tail cheek wide open that I can the air blowing inside of me. When he draws his face once more closer to slit as I spreads out my leg that my foot touching to floor. And says to me? "Hum! Hum! Hum!" and while his finger busy stirring around the end of my clit.

Then he holds my cheek back to drives his finger deeply into my pussy. He feels the inner of me is so /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet is gripping away onto his finger. "Ahh!" I moan softly, and while his other hand caressing around my thick round hip. I can feel his cool finger stirring away into my hot steamy /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole.

He was spanking my ass that resting on his lap at the same time his finger force deeply in and out of my pussy. "Ahh! Ahh! Ahh" and after he enjoys the moan from my voice that he continues to spank me and says, "Oh, you enjoy this, having my finger indulge into your pussy like it but I get something better in mines," as his finger grow faster inside of me.

Then he stop, and spread my cheeks wide open again with hand his squeeze tight holding onto them as he glazes deeply away in my clit that he went insane. "God! Damn!" he said.

Then on, he unzips his pant to reveal his mammoth penis to me sticking out from his lap. He holds me by the back of my head to draw my face closer to his lap and say to me, "Here! Suck this real good and hard." And I lay it inside of my hot watery mouth very slowly and while my hand rubbing his ball. "Hmm! Its very good and so /sweet/">sweet," at the same time I was stroking his penis inside of mouth.

While I was stroking his penis into my mouth that I feel his rubbing my back through my thin tight t-shirt and working all the way side of my breast. "Stop for a moment and take off your shirt that way you can feel more comfortable," he said. So, I remove my T-shirt off of me, and lay my heavy breasts back down on his lap. And I went back what I was doing.

I stroke every part of his head and while his hand stroking on my breast and nipple. My mouth went deeply down to my throat and he spanking away against my ass that thick hip that jiggling like Jell-O. He fined it so fascinate that he keeps on spanking me. Until, he drives two of his fingers deeply into my pussy so far that my /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass went throbbing.

I brush his penis between my heavy breasts and while licking his around it. Then I place old waman xxxgx it back into my mouth to stroking at the same time I was stroking my hand down to bottom of his penis.

Next, after I had got him so hard and good that his penis went pointing straight out huge and long. "Now, get up, and walks to the other side of the bench," he said, as I walk with his finger still stuff between bokep sma pecah perawan the back of my clit. He removes his fingers and he tells me, "lean over". When I had lean over to toward the bench with my ass bent up in front of him. That he says along with him stroking his hand on his clock and while his other hand stroking from the back side of my hip, " Oh yes, I will fuck you so good that your pussy will get tire of this dick.'' My cheek is being exploring by his finger brushing inside of my clit.

He uses his both hands to spread my cheeks wide open, and then I feel his power grid of his penis drive deeply into me so forcefully. As I lay my face down onto bench and girding my teeth and along with my hands grasp onto it so firmly. As he continually spanking my ass and says to me. "Oh yeah!" As he pushes his self deeply into me with his hand pressing my tail cheek back and his stirring the edge of my clit.

As he slips deeply inside of me that he draws his head back because he can't stand feeling his penis being bottle-feeding into my hot craving pussy. He brushes his penis slowly into me with his hands embraces my ass up. His hands are stroking every inches of ass and down to the back of my thighs exploring his penis in and out of me.

As he begins to stroking me at the time he spanks my ass so zeal. I sets steel leaning over the bench that he draw his penis deeper into between my cheeks and while he holds me by my shoulders. Then on, he forces his self to go faster, he opens up one of my cheeks to looks at his penis grid into my clit. "Oh yes, good pussy," he said and while spanking me. My face turns bashful red feeling the acing from hard lustful manhood. The more spanking and pleasing that he keep riding me like /wild/wild-ass/">wild ass that needs to be contain.

It was more /spanking/ass-spanking/">ass spanking and penis pumping into me from the handsome course that I enjoy every bite of this moment. He ride me like a wild horse pulling onto my hip , telling dirty to me, and spanking that what my ass need. He opens up my cheek once more to stroking his finger the front of my clit. Afterward, he pulls my cheeks very forces draw closer to his balls as he starts to jerk me that making my breasts bouncing up and down /hard/real-hard/">real hard. "Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!" I moan in a shaking voice. Then he starts to waggle his penis in my keyhole and then he went fucking me harder and hard then fever before.

Next, he draws his penis out of me, and thumping me with his hot clock on right across my cheek. "I want you to Get up and walk over here," he said. As I walk over there, he was sitting down stroking his manhood with his hand on up toward ceil. And he was and says to me and stroking it, "come here and Ride on this and I will promise you that this will stop your forever crave pussy for good," he said. I spread out my legs to slip down on it very easily between my inner thighs and along with his hands grasp hold of my hips to it down.

As I slip my lusty hip onto the /trip/">trip of his manhood that his eyes start rolling from back of his head because my steamy hungry pussy grip around his head. And he says to me, "Oh shit! Oh, God damn baby," in his arouse voice. He couldn't believe that my clit have swallowed his whole huge monstera dick all the down to his family jewels.

He clutches embrace my hip very tightly and forcing to go up and down on top of his lap. And he uses his legs to spread out my legs that he can fill up my gap. As I ride on him jumping up and down on his manhood with my arms embracing the bench. He was stroking my back and my hid so gently that I was rocking into /ecstasy/">ecstasy and along with breasts bouncing so loudly. He starts to spanks the back of my cheeks and it was intense ride that I had ever ridden. Until, he embrace by my hides very firmly as the ride turn into

My one leg perch on top of the bench and leaning my upper to left side and also my one hand embrace the bench. I was rubbing his balls and while his hand holding onto my breasts.

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" I moan very loudly in my painful voice.

"Oh! Yeah! Oh! Yeah!" he said in excite, as he bounces me up and down on his manhood. The sounds of my thighs are clapping down to his legs as I feel his hands embracing my hips very forcefully. Until, he grasps from the back of my tail's cheeks to forcing it and my breasts are clapping together like a hand clap.

And then on, he lies down on cold floor that my heating body steamy ups the floor. He spreads out my legs and quickly to draws his manhood back enters me once more. His power grip build up more powerful inside of my clit, but my lustful womanhood still crave for some more of his penis.

"Aah! Yesssss! Aah! Yesssss! Aah!" I moan loudly at the same time I was holding to his arms very tightly as I could with my breasts are flapping against my chin. He raises my legs and lays them on each of his arm, and while throbbing so heavenly. As he goes on like powerful angry stallion that his family jewels made go jiggle. I feel his erect went through me as ours bodies trimming away so blissfully.

Finally, he about to reaching his moment of ecstasy, I feel his penis getting cloggier up inside of me. He quickly slips out of me and heavy had built up inside of him. And then he aims toward me and burst out with heavy cream of ecstasy explores all over me. As he continues on lease his orgasm as I embrace my breasts together to enjoy the warmness from him.

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" my moan grow softly,

After ours lustful moment are over that ours hearts has begin to slow down at once. But my passionate gap went throbbing away like a ragging heart throbbing so rouse. He sets beside me and I was lying down on the floor with still remain wide open. And he bought his self closer to my inner that forcefully his finger to drive into my pussy. And starting to siring his finger around it and he says to me, "God damn girl! For this workout for your /crazy/">crazy crazes pussy that you just earn yourself "A" for the made up worked."

I never dream of spank that bought me so pleasurable in my sexual famish.