A Thanksgiving Feast To Remember

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
A Thanksgiving Feast To Remember

Thanksgiving had finally arrived and I was off to Natalie's house to celebrate. I had a feeling in my gut that something was going to happen. I xnxxv sunny leone video finally arrived a little late and her friends were already there, Crystal & Monica. 

Once I arrived, Natalie's parents had to run out really fast to grab some ingredients from the market. We all sat down at the table that was already set for a feast. 

Natalie looked good as usual, but for some reason really good for this event. Monica and Crystal were all dressed up nicely too. Crystal out of no where grabbed two bottles of wine from a paper bag. She insisted we started celebrating with a couple of drinks. We all agreed to drink, but not too much. Her parents were taking a lot longer than we thought, and we were all getting a little drunk from the wine. Crystal came over to my seat and went straight to unzipping my pants, I gazed at her in . 

The girls watched as if it was nothing. Crystal revealed my dry . I had to admit I felt horny, and obviously the girls were too. Crystal started sucking me off, but not for long. Natalie wanted a good fucking, but she didn't want to get her dress messy since she just purchased it. She couldn't pass this chance, she got on the table and only lifted her skirt revealing her panties. 

"This will do" she said as she started removing her panties. Monica and Crystal helped her out. Crystal pulled a condom out of her purse, as if she planned this the whole time. Natalie spread her legs awaiting my cock which seemed harder than ever. Barely touching her welcoming pussy, she moaned "Oh yea, I need a ." I soon entered my full hard cock all the way into Natalie's pussy. 

It slipped in really smoothly thanks to Crystal for sucking it and getting it all wet. Every fuck felt so good to me, and Natalie showed she enjoyed it with her moans of pleasure. Crystal pulled my cock out. She rolled off my condom. I was awaiting for her to stick my cock in her warm mouth. Instead she grabbed a bottle of whip cream from the table and sprayed it all over my cock. 

Now this was getting good. Monica came over and sucked off all the cream, and licked the remaining spots that were hard to get. For such a , Monica showed her naughty side. Natalie watched as Monica and Crystal stroked the remaining cream from my cock and whipped it on a napkin. Natalie still wanted more. She turned around, still remaining on top of the table, into a doggy style position. She spread her ass really wide. Revealing everything even though every piece of clothing remained on her accept for her panties. 

Her pussy was dripping wet, and she already had her ass in a position that was easy for me to enter. Crystal grabbed another condom from her purse and helped roll it on me. Monica pulled a chair for me to use to stable myself in order to fuck Natalie's ass. Monica and Crystal caressed Natalie as I fucked her from behind. This felt even better. I was seconds away from exploding my load all over her ass. Natalie reminded me she didn't want her clothes messy, neither did Monica or Crystal. I though I was going to have to cum on a pile of napkins or something. 

Monica had her idea, which was a great one. She grabbed three pieces of pumpkin pie that were already individually sliced and placed on plates for all of them, Monica lined them up. I pulled my cock out of Natalie ass, and as I did so, cum dripped from Natalie's pussy onto a slice of pumpkin. "Okay, I guess this would be yours" Monica and Crystal giggled. The girls all took there seats as I stood in front of the other 3 pumpkin pies Monica neatly lined up. Monica instructed me to cum on all three of them, "Not us, the pies" she laughed as she got frightened I was about to cum all over their clothes. To make sure I cummed a lot, Monica gave my cock a few strokes. 

Crystal then Natalie followed through with some of their own strokes. Monica finished me off. They all ran over to their seats as they eyed my cock as I was about to explode all over their slices of pumpkin pies. I made sure I aimed right. I moaned as I exploded all over the pies, cum went flying everywhere getting some on the table. I made sure I shifted my cock left to right, blindly spewing cum all over the slices of pies from left to right. The girls all giggled. I looked down to see if I did a good job, and without a doubt I got a lot and an even amount of cum all over three of their pies. Natalie grabbed some napkins to wipe the spots of cum that fell on the table, fear that her parents would notice it. 

Monica grabbed my cock and wiped the rest of my cum onto her pie, making sure she got more than the other girls. Crystal couldn't wait and stuck my cock in her mouth finishing me off. Her parents came home just in time. We all said grace as we rounded the table. The girls pulled their forks out about to dig into their pumpkin pies. "Dessert first?" Natalie's mother asked shocked. "Oh yea , I just couldn't wait" Natalie quickly told her mom as Crystal and Monica giggled at the joke. "Well don't you want to top it off with some whip creamed?" her mother asking in concern. "No thanks, real forced anal against her will I think we have enough" the girls giggling.

 "Alright" her mom went back to eating feeling a little bit odd. The girls ate every bit of their pies, as I watched. And licked the remaining of their plates, giving me innocent eyes and faces. I smiled as I was content inside, with Monica's hand over my cock the whole time"