My wife gets 40th birthday suprise

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My wife gets 40th birthday suprise

My wife, Kelly, turned 40 and was feeling a bit down, so we decided to skip the big birthday celebrations and just go out for a meal. It was just the two of us and I had bought her some nice jewelry and had booked a cruise for next week. We were enjoying our meal and my wife was enjoying the wine and was beginning to feel tipsy. I could not drink as I was driving and when we finished our meal we payed and left.

One the way home in the car Kelly started to talk about how she fancied the waiter and wanted to have sex right now. I was getting turned on and decided to turn down a lane and park somewhere secluded. I knew of a dark car park and drove there and parked at the far end. I began to kiss Kelly and I undid her buttons on her shirt and removed it, she then removed her bra and I sucked her tits in the dark. It did not take long for me to get her skirt and knickers off and pull my jeans down.

As Kelly was sucking my cock I noticed a couple of men outside through the steamed up windows. I told Kelly, who was very drunk and sucking my cock, that we were being watched and this turned her on even more. Kelly has always been a naughty woman and has a very high sex drive, she has had two affairs before and I have forgiven her, and the thought of men watching was turning me on and I wanted to see them touch her.

Kelly looked up and wound the window down, there were three guys standing there. She beckoned them over and told them to get their cocks out. Two of the guys walk forward and she took turns sucking their hard cocks through the window while I fingered her Pussy from behind. The two guys were old men and one of them shot his spunk as Kelly wanked him, the other guy had his hands In the window and was squeezing Kellys titties while she sucked on his old grey hairy dick. The third guy was standing patiently waiting for his turn, he was a black guy and he had his dick in his hand. Kelly noticed him in the dark and saw how big his cock was.

It was big and she wanted it in her mouth. She told the old guy to move back and let the black man come forward. I watched as she took his cock in her mouth and greedily began to suck him, making slurping sounds as she did. I was still /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking kelly as she moaned with delight. She then looked up and told the other two guys to fuck off and reluctantly they did, although they stood very far away and continued to watch from a distance. Kelly continued to suck the black guys enormous /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis and said she wanted it in her pussy. Kellys trimmed minge was now soaking wet and I knew she was feeling extra horny, so I did not say no to her request, as it was her birthday.

The guy stepped back as Kelly opened the car door and got out. She was totally naked except for the sparkling necklace I had brought her and her high heeled shoes. The man then looked at me as I claimed out from the car. I told him he can do what he wants and with that he put his arms around my naked wifes curvy body, pulled her close, and began to suck on her white tits under the moon light taking it in turns to suck each of her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples while I stood and watched. She reached down and grabbed his massive cock and began to wank him and then they both began to kiss.

As they kissed I stepped forward and grabbed Kelly from behind and she turned around and began to kiss me. She took turns kissing us both and then as she turned back to kiss me, the guy pulled her back towards him and over to the car. He opened the rear door and Kelly got In the back seat and layed down. Kelly then opened her legs and the guy mounted her and put his big black cock into her hole as I watched. I was behind them crouching down so that I could see his cock entering her minge, it stretched her tight hole as it went deep into her. Kelly screamed in delight as the guy pounded her and I alain lyle porn stood up to watch her contorted face reach her first orgasm.

Kelly was now swearing as she was being fucked, and the black guy pulled out his cock and on his instructions Kelly went to the front of the car and bent over the bonnet. Her arse stuck out and I moved closer and had my turn with my wife. I pushed my average sized cock into her and began to fuck her stretched Minge. As I pounded her the guy came up behind me and put both his hands on my hips and pushed me faster and then began to control my thrusts. I was a bit surprised but it was a turn on. He then began to gently slap my arse cheeks, and I felt one of his fingers pushing at my bum hole. Kelly was now talking dirty as the black guy began to finger my bum as I fucked my wife. Then I pulled my self out of Kelly and was guided against the bonnet next to her. We were both bent over the car and the black guy took turns gently spanking our bums. Then he entered my wifes pussy again and began to pound her.

I waited and then he pulled out of her pussy and got behind me. I felt his /cock/large-cock/">large cock rubbing on my arse and he then bent down and spat on my bum hole. Then I felt the tip of his cock pushing into me. It would not go all the way in but he began to gently fuck my bum as he reached his hand around me and wanked my cock. Kelly looked at me and I felt my self reach /climax/">climax. The guy wanked me faster and I shot my load as kelly leaned to kiss me. He then pulled the tip of his cock from my arse and then bent down and spat on her tight bum hole. Kelly squeeled as he pushed the tip of his big black member into her bum. He began to fuck her arse slowly pushing himself deeper into her. Kelly put her hand down to her minge and was rubbing her clit and bringing herself to orgasm. Then the guy made a loud groaning noise and filled her white arse with his hot spunk. As he pulled himself out of her squelchy spunk filled bum hole he kissed her lips and smiled at me.

Just as he pulled up his trousers one of the older guys who had been watching from a distance came closer and wanted to fuck Kelly. I told him to be quick and he went behind Kelly and put his cock between her are cheeks and pushed his cock into her wet minge. He lasted for two minutes as his grey wrinkly dick shot its load inside her hole and dripped out down her thighs. He then left quickly and Kelly and I returned to the car. As Kelly put her clothes back on I took the guys name and phone number, my wife and I had enjoyed the sex and we wanted a repeat. I arranged indian santali xvideo to call him the next day and then Kelly kissed him goodbye and we left.

Kelly had sobered up by now and she said she really enjoyed it and it was the best birthday present she had ever received. when I called the guy the next day we had a long chat and arranged for us to meet at a hotel. I was looking forward to it and I had enjoyed the bisexual side of it and Kelly wants to see him dominate me and take my arse again. It turns out that he has sex with other couples and has a younger /blonde/">blonde /girlfriend/">girlfriend and would like to introduce us to them all, I cant wait to get to fuck them especially his girlfriend.