18.05.2017 – 27.06.2017

SCREENING 23.05.2017 > 20 – 22 hr


Museums are increasingly incorporating moving image-based productions in their collections, while new art institutions exclusively devoted to the research, exhibition, and conservation of artist films and videos are emerging. The exhibition space gives a filmmaker the chance to experiment with times and formats beyond the limits traditionally imposed by the movie theatre: short or unlimited duration; multiscreen projections; or unusual exploration of certain technical means; etc. Thus, the inclusion of cinema in the museum/gallery space represents a twofold possibility: one of openness of the practice, and one of criticism of the historical narratives and its means of representation.

At LOOP BARCELONA | CITY SCREEN we will be presenting the video ‘SFW’ (2004) by the Danish artist KATJA BJØRN; ‘SFW’ is a black and white video depicting a woman’s bizarre entertainment play in which she puts matches up her nose with her tongue. The seemingly innocent trick is presented without enthusiasm. The woman’s unimpressed facial expression is marked by boredom, gloom, and indifference. The beholder is not a witness to a humoristic performance but a peculiar repeated escapism. The artwork plays on the beholder-artist relation and the voyeurism of the beholder when the beholder's own emotions are brought into the game and are challenged whilst it becomes clear that the woman’s almost obsessive actions seem to continue in a loop.

Katja Bjørn is a Danish artist working with video sculpture. The starting point of the artists' work has always been the investigation of the expression of the sculpture. Especially interesting to Katja Bjørn is the sculpture's relationship to the human body.


SFW (2004).

Single-channel, 8 min. without sound