17 MARCH – 31 MAY 2016

Hans & Fritz Contemporary is proud to present FUCK THE POOR by the Danish artist TRENSIG.

Every day, world population is more divided between ‘the essential’ and ‘the superfluous’. Also, people in the West who live off subsidies, are unnecessary for the society.

Who is not essential? Who is superfluous? Your mother, your sister, your girlfriend or your son? It’s impossible to answer. However, there are people that are seen as dispensable.

Nowadays, not just blacks and poor people are seen as superfluous. If you don’t create value and you don’t consume, you are dispensable for the global economy. For example, the advertising slogan of the German retailers DM (Drogerie Markt) is: ‘Buy is to live’. It’s a perverse development. In the late modern society everything can be forgiven except the lack of consume.

The weakest is the one receives the kick but It has always been like this. The idea of the superfluous man comes from the British sociologist and economist Thomas Malthus, who believe that if one person born into a world full of people; If your family can’t support you; If society doesn’t need your work, then, you don’t have the right to demand food, and therefore, you’re superfluous.

The artist of the project explains: “I started the project FUCK THE POOR, because I worry that nowadays we don’t feel like we belong in a society. There are anaesthesia and apathy in today’s world. We have lost the sense of outrage, our sense of anger and pain for what is happening in our society, what is happening in our country and the atrocities committed around the world. They have gone; these feelings have gone!

Through the power of the advertising mixed with irony – sarcasm and provocation-, I have proposed this project to make it like an open invitation for the society to feel again… to think about it! I want normal people that live in a safe and comfortable life, to have a good relation with another world in which the experiences of poor people, his conditions, opportunities and future perspectives are different from what they think they know”.